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Hi, our names are Brooklyn and London and we live in Florida with our mom and dad and our bulldog sister, Chloe. We started this blog because so many people stop our mommy and ask here where did she get the dresses she puts on us? We definitely got our love of fashion from our mommy and we love putting on dresses every day.

Recently we got into makeup. It’s so fun to put on lipstick and dress up and act like a grown up! We usually have to ask mommy to help put it on because we have a tendency to make a mess when we try it on our own.

This blog will deal with all kinds of kid’s fashion. From school to birthday parties to sports we will try to cover it all.

If your mommy is looking for some fashion inspiration, have her check out our mommy’s blog at

We would love to read your feedback and comments so please share your thoughts with us!

  • I am Brooklyn, my favorite color is pink!

  • I am London, my favorite color is purple!

About Us

Hello and welcome! We are Brooklyn and London – and we’re so glad you’re visiting us here at Kids in Fashion!

This blog is all about kid’s fashion, from school to birthday parties to sports we will try to cover it all!

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