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It’s that time of year when we feel like we just got out of school for the summer and there’s less than a month before we head back to class. So, as we try to wrap up our summer fun, we go through a little check list of what we need for the upcoming school year.

little girls back to school

Make sure your parents check with your school that you have the proper dress code. For example, our school has two options: a standard uniform of white tops and blue bottoms (shorts, skirts or pants). Otherwise we have a very comfortable but professional requirement of collared shirts or blouses with shorts or pants. Dresses are also allowed.

dress fashion

Typically, we wear girls’ Polo dresses by Ralph Lauren. They are light, made mostly of cotton and are machine washable. Better yet, they have a create your own section where you can choose colors, monograms or initials. You can also put your name on the back or even your favorite number. We usually put our initials on our sleeves so it makes it just a tad bit easier for Mom when she’s sorting out the laundry. Girl’s dresses run from $39.50 and up.

little girls back to school

Ralph Lauren also has a boy’s section with a very similar with a create your own shirt feature. You can do long sleeve, short sleeve, etc. as well as colors and monograms alike. Boy’s shirts run from $45 – $60 USD.

When it comes to back packs you have several options. This year we went with Skip Hop backpacks sold at Saks. They have several designs and we choose the Dalmatian design. These backpacks have pockets to hold water bottles and are insulated inside to help keep your lunch and snacks fresh. Skip Hop backpacks are priced at $40 USD. But check out Saks as they have a 25% special going on for back to school items.


When it comes to shoes, there are three brands that we’ll typically wear. On days when we know we have Physical Education we love to wear our Adidas sneakers. You can pick out so many different colors for their stripes that you can match your outfits. Adidas shoes start at $45 USD and go up depending on your style selection.

For every day shoes, we choose Native Shoes. They are lightweight and breathe easy but are very easy to put on and take off. They start at $40, depending on selection.

For when we want to dress up or wear a funky design (like Minnie mouse, or bow ties, or Lady and the Tramp) we go to our Mini Melissa shoes. They have a wide selection and start at $19.95.

Our next blog will feature a recap of what we did this summer. Why don’t you tell us what fun things you did this summer by leaving a comment below, writing to us at and signing up for our newsletter using the form on the right side of this page? We’re looking forward to getting to know you!