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Hey everybody! In our last blog, we talked about getting ready for the school year but we wanted to concentrate on with this blog is the actual “First Day of School!”

First Day of School

For Brooklyn it was my third year at school so I was really excited because I know how fun school has been and couldn’t wait to see some of my friends. A little different twist this year as I have a new teacher to the school so it’s great to have someone else “new” to the school. This year our class size grew from 2 classrooms to 3 classrooms. That means a lot of my friends and I are split up, but that’s ok, I get to make even more friends with a lot of first time students at my school.

Brooklyn's first day

I’m still able to play with all of my friends during recess, but now we have just one recess period, instead of two. That’s because they added more classes for us. I take Physical Education, Science, Music, Math, Reading and Spanish. We have lunch at school and they always make sure we have a healthy lunch, because you need a lot of energy since they took away our nap time, like I had last year! I’m looking forward to so much fun this year.

For London, it was a little more stressful. This is my first year in school and I have never really been away from mommy too much. I was the first person in the class so I hung tight to my dad because mom was taking Brooklyn to her class. My teacher was great though. She showed me where to hang my book bag and where to put my water jug. Then she had me sit down and start playing with Playdough. How did she know that Playdough is one of my favorite things? Having fun with Playdough sure made it easier for me when I looked around and saw that daddy was gone.

London's first day

Next, my new classmates came in, one by one. They all seemed real friendly and nice but also a little nervous like I was. Some didn’t want to let go of their mommy or daddy either. We sat in a circle and started to learn each other’s names and what the rules are during class. They seem really important because they keep stressing rules for us.

But it was fun first day, too; we got to go out and play in recess TWICE! I know my sister is so jealous. We had lunch and then it was, “quiet time” where you can take a nap. I still need my naps but they don’t let me sleep as long as I do at home so I was a little cranky when they woke me up. I’ll have to get used to it, I guess.

Tell us how your first day of school was in the comments below or by emailing us at If we really like your story, we’ll feature it on our next blog!