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We love to put on dresses. Even going to the playground, we always love to be dressed up. We have so many options but our mom and dad let us choose what we want to wear every day (unless it’s a school day, then we only get to pick out our color).

Some of our favorite dress options come from designers like Tutu Du Monde. They have so many different designs and fashions to choose from. A lot of there dresses contain a bit of fun and fantasy. We have ones with feather, wings, you name it. Besides dresses, they also have headbands, jackets, skirts, shorts, hair clips, swimwear, accessories, jewelry, etc. Prices range from $15 to over $200.

A great dressmaker we also love to wear is from the Luna Luna Collection. There are some very elegant and beautiful dresses to browse through. They have items for babies and infants all the way through preteen. From headbands through dresses their price range is $26 to over $200.

While we love when our mom shops for us online, we do love to go into stores to look at these pretty dresses. We love Zara. This store has everything from baby boys and girls through both men and women adults. Shoes, dresses, pants, shorts, you name it. Zara price ranges from $16 to over $100.

We had a great time going into their store in the Brickell City Centre in Miami. There are a ton of stores and restaurants in this beautiful mall and besides going into Zara, we had so much fun going up and down all the escalators in this place. If you come over to Miami, definitely check out Brickell City Centre.

Now besides our school dresses, Polo, has some great options. We have almost every color they offer in their dresses (we have to wear those for school). But they are so fun and really last with all the playing we do outside and running around. It’s a great everyday dress and they have so many fun options. Our favorite colors are pink and blue so we tend to load up on those colors. Besides dresses, they have jeans, sweaters, shorts, shirts, things for Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring. They constantly update their styles. Our dad is a big polo fan and wears most of their polos every day. We try to match our dresses with his color when we go to school. Polo dresses average price is around $45. Medium price range for most kids clothing is around $50.

What are some of your favorite shirts and dresses to wear?