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Since I was brought home from the hospital, my parents were very concerned about my sleeping arrangements. My older sister and their first child, Brooklyn, slept in their room all the time. It seems like my parents were worried she would break or something! Anyway, dad made sure to tell mommy that I wasn’t going to be sleeping in their room as well.

So my first crib was from Babyletto. This crib was fantastic because you could adjust the mattress higher or lower as you grow so you can’t crawl out of it at night. It also allows you to convert it to a sleeping bed as you get older too, by removing one set of the guard racks. My crib was considered a 4 in 1 convertible crib. It was priced at $499. The mattress comes separate and my parents got me a Serta mattress from Target.

All the bedding for my crib was from Restoration Hardware. Even my new bedding and my sister’s bedding is from Restoration Hardware. Mommy really likes it because they have a loyalty program for members. For an annual fee of $100, you can enjoy 25% off all your purchases.

Well, eventually I outgrew my crib. I didn’t like waiting around for my parents to get me in the morning so I figured out a way to climb and flip out of my crib. I landed perfectly on my feet all the time but apparently, my parents were concerned about me injuring myself because I would climb up the crib and do a head flip when I wanted to go back in.

So my mom took me to a store to get my first big girl bed. This store is exclusive for baby, infant and toddler furniture. The name of the store is Mega Kids Naples. This store has all different types of furniture and bedroom sets for children. My bed is really neat. It has a built-in reading light or night light to turn on and is hidden in the headboard in case I get a little scared and want to have a light on.

Best thing about my new big girl bed is that no one has to put me to bed or come and get me in the morning. I usually try to go to bed around 8 pm after my parent’s read me some stories and when school is out, I sleep in as late as I can. I love having a big girl bed!