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We were lucky enough to receive a bag from mums_and_bubs_australia (@mums_and_bubs_australia) this past season and wanted to give it a try. One of the neat things about the bag is that it includes a portable and folding changing station, so if you get caught and need a place to set down and give a change, your station is right there.


Luckily for us, we are out of the diaper phase but this bag as so many uses still. We loved the ability to pack our change of clothes and our beach items all in one simple but elegant bag.


Mommy uses it everywhere she goes with us and tells us how much the bag has eased her stress since she can keep it all in one bag rather than bringing two. And it’s not too big where it gets weighted down — she says it’s a perfect size.


You can check out their web page and order directly from them two ways:

or visit Amazon via:

These bags retail for $89.95 and you have several options for color selection.