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Girls Dresses for Every Occasion

We love to put on dresses. Even going to the playground, we always love to be dressed up. We have so many options but our mom and dad let us choose what we want to wear every day (unless it’s a school day, then we only get to pick out our color). Some of our favorite dress options come from designers like Tutu Du Monde. They have so many different designs and fashions to choose from. A lot of there dresses contain a bit of fun and fantasy. We have... Read More
My First Big Girl Bed

My First Big Girl Bed

Since I was brought home from the hospital, my parents were very concerned about my sleeping arrangements. My older sister and their first child, Brooklyn, slept in their room all the time. It seems like my parents were worried she would break or something! Anyway, dad made sure to tell mommy that I wasn’t going to be sleeping in their room as well. So my first crib was from Babyletto. This crib was fantastic because you could adjust the mattress higher or lower as you grow so you can’t crawl... Read More

About Us

Hello and welcome! We are Brooklyn and London – and we’re so glad you’re visiting us here at Kids in Fashion!

This blog is all about kid’s fashion, from school to birthday parties to sports we will try to cover it all!

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Hey everybody! In our last blog, we talked about getting ready for the school year but we wanted to concentrate on with this blog is the actual “First Day of School!” For Brooklyn it was my third year... Read More
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Back to School Fashion for Girls

It’s that time of year when we feel like we just got out of school for the summer and there’s less than a month before we head back to class. So, as we try to wrap up our... Read More

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