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Every situation has a need for a different shoe. The one’s that we like to wear the most with our pretty dresses are made by Mini Melissa. You can find their shoes in most department stores like Nortstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks and online Melissa or even Amazon.

What makes these shoes great for us is that they are comfortable, but extremely easy to put on and take off. They are very durable and trust us, they take a real beating from us. We usually find great pairs to wear when we are shop dressing at Little Luxe on 5th Avenue in Naples. Mini Melissa prices ranges from $10 to $100.

Another brand that we wear often is from Native Shoes. Native makes a great pair of shoes that are both fun but can wear even if you are getting a little dressed up. They are great for summer time or for all year-round Florida weather because they have so many holes, it makes them very easy to breathe. Similar to Mini Melissa they are very durable. The only problem we have is that our feet keep growing so we are constantly getting new pairs. Native Shoes range in price from $11 to $45.

When it comes to playground and play time, we both love to wear Adidas. What we really like is that there are so many different color options, you can really pair them with several different colors. We both have ones that have pink stripes and we pair those when we wear our pink Polo dresses to the golf course! Adidas shoes range from $35 – $295.

Some really neat pairs of shoes, in this case slippers, that our mom got for us are from (AKID). They have these furry flip flops and they are so comfortable and fun. We usually wear them to the beach or to our pool because they are so easy to slip off. Ok, really kick off. They also have lace free options as well. AKID shoes range from $35 to $90.

When we were much smaller our favorite brand to wear was See Kai Run. They have everything from sandals to sneakers to fancy dress shoes. They are an excellent option once you’re done crawling and ready to get up and walk on a regular basis. See Kai Run shoes range in price from $15 to $45.