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One of our favorite places to shop is Little Luxe in Naples, FL. The store is located at 602 5th Avenue South on the beautiful 5th avenue strip in Downtown Naples. They have all types of clothing for both girls and boys. Beautiful dresses, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses, and SHOES! We love shoes. Especially shoes designed by MiniMellissa.

Everyone at the store is wonderful and helpful and they usually give London a balloon whenever she asks for it. Also, they have some great candy for sale right at the register. We love asking Dad to buy us candy because he never says no.

You can also shop online at

Now the best thing is that after we are done shopping at Little Luxe we can walk right out of the store and head to any number of restaurants or even get some Ice Cream!

Usually, after shopping and ice cream on 5th, we head home. But sometimes we convince mom and dad to stop at Target. Target is such a great everyday shopping place where we can get dresses, jeans, sneakers, DVD’s for the car. But most importantly, Target has a great selection of Disney toys, Barbie, bikes, games, toys for the pool and even toys for our bulldog sister, Chloe.

The Target we go to by our home also has a Starbuck’s! We love the birthday cake flavored Cake Pops that they sell! They have chocolate and mint and other flavors, but our go-to flavor is the Birthday Cake!

We’ll talk about some of our favorite dresses and designers in following blogs.