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We both have the luxury of living in South Florida year round, which means we get to swim outdoors, pretty much year round. We’ve been asked a lot regarding bathing suits, where do we get them, what are the best, etc.?

Since we go through quite a few each year and especially if you’re only wearing them each summer, chances are you’re going to need new swimsuits each year.


Our go-to for swimwear is Cat & Jacky by Target. Extremely affordable, they range in price from $11.99 – $14.99. They are extremely durable and have so many different designs and sets. One-piece, two-piece and cover-ups, it’s all available from Cat & Jack. As you know, you have the ability to shop online with Target as well, which makes it much easier for Mommy and Daddy to get you ready for the pool, beach, or for that winter vacation when they realize your swimsuit may be too small.

Cat & Jack make swimsuits, tops, bottoms, and sets for both boys and girls. You can have your favorite superheroes like Batman or Wonder Woman, or your favorite sport like baseball, football or soccer. Or like us, you can have your favorite Disney Princess.

In terms of footwear to go with your swimwear, we suggest Native Shoes. They offer both shoes that are breathable and durable but easily slip on and off when at the beach or pool as well as different types of sandals to keep that beach and summer look. You can filter your shoes by categories such as water “shoes” or “easy clean” or “sandals”. Prices range from $35 – $45.

Tell us your favorite place to go to cool off in the summer!